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About KBBF

KBBF is an association of professional business people and owners of established and reputable businesses across the country and subsequently, across the globe. Presently, KBBF has started its operations in and around Thane & Mumbai which represents every trade and profession, and with the addition of an extended network of businesses in highly specialist fields.

We run fortnightly business networking groups every alternate Saturday in Thane, plus other regular events and networking meetings.We're always looking for new members to join, so if you are interested then come along to one of our meetings, or complete our online application.

Member Benifits


Regular business referral opportunities for KBBF members.


Meet and mingle with other business professionals in KBBF Meetings.


Promotion of your business on KBBF website to get global exposure.

Development & Training

Fortnightly business development, education and training sessions are organized.


Attend business training events, social gatherings, and much much more…


Get active support of fellow members for your business.


  • ”I only became involved with the whole networking concept for the first time last year and I can genuinely say that it has worked for me. Not only has it already more than paid for itself with the business I have gained but meeting with fellow professionals from all walks of life has given me a new energy.”

    Sujit Moghe, Chaitanya Infotech

  • ”I was introduced to KBBF by Mr. Vivek Kulkarni, and honestly at the time I did not know, nor understand what to expect. 1 year later, I can say KBBF is beyond business referrals. For me, it is about working closely with positive and inspirational external colleagues; and constantly educating each other. I truly believe KBBF has played a huge part in my professional development; and in my presence in the community.”

    Manoj Kalke, Computrics Integration technologies Pvt Ltd

  • ”Setting up your own business is very different to being employed and I have found the group to be invaluable in terms of support, advice and assisting me to attract new clients. If you are a new business I strongly recommend you to join.”

    Mandar Joshi, STUDIOARCH

  • ”As well as providing an important and consistent source of new business, the group is a valuable resource of support and advice which has been vital to the development of our firm. The trust and respect that builds between members has a direct influence of business growth.”

    Nilesh Ambekar, Nikeda Art Printers Pvt Ltd

  • ”When I first started in business my biggest concern was the ability to get new clients. I have no doubt that the biggest factor in the success of my business has been joining the group. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

    Rakesh Ambekar

  • ”Membership and involvement with KBBF is a key part of my business. I have built up many valuable relationships with like-minded companies in the area. Every week there is a lively buzz and a pleasant atmosphere and I’m convinced that more business is passed in that environment than in the overly-regimented approaches I have seen elsewhere in the past. ”

    Sachin Tatake, Archi Internet Solutions

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Facts & Figures

Referral Value

The average value of each business referral passed is around 50 Thousands.

Business Amount

Compared to last year, we have increased the amount of business passed by over 175%


We have members in various sectors, providing services and products.

Develope Bonding

We believe in bonding, which is why we organize one day or overnight picnics for members.

Fortnightly meeting walk-through

Not sure what to expect when you come to one of our meetings? Our Meeting Walkthrough page aims to show you all of the key parts of our meeting and explain in a simple step-by-step way what goes on
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KBBF is not just for business owners

If you are not a business owner or manager then KBBF is still relevant to you. Our members are “Tried and Trusted” so you can use their products or services safe in the knowledge that you will receive a first-class job every time.ation and “word-of-mouth” referral is key to our members success And the success of our whole group.
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