Frequently asked Questions

  • You get direct business from members.
  • You get leads or references of clients of other members.
  • You get consultancy at concessional cost for fund raising, business growth, internal & statutory audits and overcome your crisis in business.
  • You can get a mentor among the members who can be your guru, guide & philosopher.
  • You can discuss your difficulties or crisis to find solution with a specially instated team comprising senior & experienced members, called as Business Intelligence Team.
  • You can present your products / services in front of 200 members locally as well as globally through WA group and email group. Marketing to 200 companies in one go is huge benefit.
  • Our Business Tracker shows that members are getting business in crores collectively.
  • You can find partners to join hands in other regions where you may not reach.
  • All other members are doing marketing for you is a big advantage.

• KBBF is based on our community and so there is strong bonding between members being of the same community. • KBBF has specially designed website to help fast track your business into our community locally and globally. • KBBF has spread to many cities of Maharashtra and they are called as local chapters. Every chapter has WA group and in addition to it, we have global WA group to connect all members globally. • KBBF has global email group to share knowledge & information through articles. • We periodically organise lectures on business related topics by eminent personalities in industry. • We allow members to express their struggle & success story through program “Turning Point” after every 2 months. • Organise programs to overall uplift business of members. • Members are not pressurised for bringing referrals. They can attend meetings with out referrals and even they can get referral or business from any other member or contact of member.

Bank credit is unavailable without collateral security because banks feel that borrowers are not creditworthy or they will not repay loans. Many young boys from our community don’t get the jobs they deserve because they can not invest in costly education which will generate employability in them. With the reference from KBBF or due to contact of any of the members, one can solve this problem to certain extent. KBBF is planning to form informal mutual financial arrangements for its members. Members can help unemployed community members to find jobs by providing referrals also such referrals can generate business for members who are into business. Job portal kind of project is also serious consideration in KBBF. Thus, KBBF works in parallel with market economy, supporting their economic activity in many ways.

With the latest structuring of economy, jobs are changing their fields. Power sector is booming after IT, Education, Healthcare are other sectors to follow. In future, even in case, if job referrals are not required but still community network will be and will play major role in entrepreneurs’ life to share business knowledge, business development techniques, impact of policies and procedures of government from its senior and experienced members.