Aspiring members have to comply following citeria to apply for membership :

The person must belong to the Karhade Brahmin community.
He (or she) shall be the Owner/Proprietor/Director of the particular business or he (or she) shall be working in corporate in capacity of GM/VP/President or above.
He or she should agree to pay membership fees of Rs. 3,000/- per annum per financial year.


KBBF will not restrict membership of any person due to another person of the same category being a member already.
Charges for regular meetings or programs will be extra at actual.
The amounts are at the discretion of the KBBF membership approval committee. He or she should take efforts to share business inquiries with fellow members.
Inability of sharing inquiries however will not disqualify the membership of that person.
He or she should attend all KBBF meetings or inform unavailability in advance.