I want More Business...

KBBF also organizes one day seminars of eminent personalities and management gurus to help members in their business ventures. After the seminars, group discussion sessions help members to know the other persons' views about the management sessions which in turn boosts business.

Once in every month, a member gets a chance to present his business activities in detailed manner to the audience of other members. This session helps other members understand in detail about the product quality, the clientele, the experience and the knowledge of the presenter. Because of such presentations each member is thoroughly aware about the work experience and the product range of other members so that he can pass on Leads or referral business from others as well as his own requirement can be complied.

KBBF also gives preference to those members who are in need of business to overcome crisis. KBBF have generated business of ninety lakhs in the past nine months and is further counting.